Don't Die or Lose Your Vision From an Eye Infection !

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The purpose of this site is to provide information from a patient's point of view for patients in respect of diagnosis and treatment of Orbital Cellulitis considered on the internet a "medical emergency".

Do I have conjunctivitis or something more serious?

Information from a patient for patients about Orbital Cellulitis which sometimes can cause blindness, brain damage or death

Read on to find out how the first 4 doctors were unable to diagnose this condition

Only the 5th hospital I visited made a correct diagnosis.

Disclaimer : This information is provided by a patient not a health professional - This is my story intended to help other people in the same situation. Do not take information on this site to be qualified medical advice.

Doctors and Consultants names have been removed, naming would not assist in the cause of providing information to patients who might be suffering from this condition.

In the case of the hospitals which were so emphatic in their misdiagnosis I have written letters of complaint and requested copies of patient notes which are posted on this site.

All information and photographs on this site are copyrighted. Applications for permission for copying text or photos should be made to the email address below.

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